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Anonymous asked:
I still go to your tagged/me when I forget that the world is a beautiful place

:) x 1000000

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beyourselph asked:
Is your name runescape inspired?

It isss

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My parents are going to New York and I can't help but feel biased against it and upset when I say good things about it. I wasn't crazy about it before and now that it could take away the most important part of my life, I definitely don't like it now.

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David wants to move to NYC to go to school. He told me a few weeks ago and every few nights I just sad myself to sleep. How am I supposed to deal with this.

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im starting to see those “dont use ouija boards for fun they are very dangerous!!!!!!!” posts and id like to ask everyone who reblogs them what its like to be a fucking nerd

this is exactly the kind of post a ghost would make to trick you into using a ouija board. look out kids, the spoops are gettin crafty.

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Making this was so painful because i could only imagine what these characters would be like in smash

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Anonymous asked:
""Baby Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card-kin” is not a kintype."" hi, im a literal, actual baby dragon fictionkin?? that might sound silly to you but?? hi??


That’s completely fine! 

Are you a Yu-Gi-Oh Card though? The actual card. Because that was what the post was— the actual Yu-Gi-Oh card being the kintype, not just the creature.

Actually, if you wouldn’t mind talking to us a bit, we’d love to hear about how you identify yourself? We don’t know a lot about nonhuman fictionkin and would love to learn more. Do you identify primarily as fictionkin or dragonkin?

However if you don’t want to talk to us about it, that’s completely fine! If we have any nonhuman fictionkin followers, we would love to hear from you about your identity. 

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Mexican culture is usually turned into a joke. Typically by people that are ignorant and uneducated enough that they think it can be a costume. But what bothers me even more is when I see Mexicans and/or Latin@s that think its okay to poke fun at certain Mexican American ways of life. Such as Mexicans/Latin@s who have not grown up as chol@s and think its okay to dress up as chol@s either for Halloween or parties or just because. Its a predominantly Chican@ lifestyle not a costume.

fucking perfect

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These beautiful pieces are 1 1/2” double flare Bloodwood eyelets with brass inlays from Sacred Symbols. A very fantastic set of jewelry!

Available for purchase and shipping!

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lms if youre a real 2010s kid


lms if youre a real 2010s kid

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